The Colloquium hosts talks by scholars of world order. You can find the schedule of presentations and links to circulated publications on this page. The colloquium is open to the general public. The colloquium is held in a hybrid format. No registration is required for in-person attendance, but advance registration is required to join the Colloquium virtually.

AY 2022-23:

Paul Kennedy September 22 Tracking the Hegemonic Shift: Revisiting The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Watch recording
Matias Spektor October 7  Climate Change Politics in the Global South: Implications for International Order Watch recording 

Jia Qingguo

November 7 The Breakdown of the Post-War International Order Demands Actions Watch recording
Kyle Lascurettes November 10 Great Power Politics, Hegemonic Ordering, and the Life and Times of the Liberal Order Watch recording
Jeffrey Colgan February 27

Double Vision: Energy, Ukraine, and International Order

Watch recording
Vladislav Zubok March 29

The Soviet Collapse –and the Origins of Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

Watch recording
Yan Xuetong April 3 US-China competition: Are We Headed for a Cold War? Register for online attendance
Anatoly Levshin April 26 The Statecraft of Restraint: the League of Nations, United Nations, and Multilateral Regulation of the Systemic Risk of Interstate Wars Register for online attendance

AY 2021-22:

Glenda Sluga September 30 The Invention of international Order Watch recording
Amitav Acharya November 11 World Order or World Orders? A Connected History of Modernity for the Study of International Relations   
Daniel Gorman December 2 Building World Order: Networks of International Cooperation in the Early Twentieth Century Watch recording
Matthew Specter February 17 The Atlantic Realists: Empire and International Political Thought Between Germany and the United States

Watch recording

Patrick O. Cohrs April 26 The New Atlantic Order: The Transformation of International Politics, 1860-1933 Watch recording

AY 2020-21:

Rosemary Foot September 24 China, the UN, and Human Protection: Beliefs, Power, Image  Watch recording
Dan Nexon and Alex Cooley October 29 Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order Watch recording
Joshua Derman November 19 Prophet of a Partitioned World: Ferdinand Fried and the Dialectics of Deglobalization, 1929–1950 Watch recording
Michael Cox March 11 E.H. Carr, the Crisis of the Liberal Order and the British Origins of International Relations Watch recording
Stephen Wertheim April 29 World Order: A Project of American Dominance? Watch recording
Richard Falk April 30 A Celebration of Richard Falk Watch recording